Drones in Construction: A Drone on Every Job Site

Recorded session featuring major construction company Brasfield & Gorrie.

A Drone on Every Job Site - Live Recording & Answered Questions

The recording is 60 minutes in length and includes 15 minutes extra time for questions.

Our Construction Experts

Hunter Cole
Russ Gibbs


Hunter joined the Virtual Design + Construction team at Brasfield & Gorrie (B&G) in 2015 with experience in virtual design and assessment in automotive design and manufacturing at a major automaker. He is passionate about applying lean concepts, precision measurement, laser scanning, and rapid prototyping, and understands virtual design’s potential to change construction. Cole works directly with project teams to assist the project’s delivery through the design and construction process, and he is responsible for the planning and execution of Building Information Modeling (BIM) deliverables. Cole aims to add value to B&G’s projects by providing accurate and relevant information to the project teams throughout the lifecycle of construction, and has been leading B&G’s unmanned aircraft systems initiative.

Russ is the Regional Director of Virtual Design + Construction for Brasfield & Gorrie. An architect by trade, Russ is passionate about streamlining communication and increasing efficiency and quality in the construction industry. By working early on with design teams and establishing collaborative workflows, he has the ability to bring project teams together around a common goal using Building Information Modeling (BIM. Russ is passionate about understanding the processes and workflows of BIM and exploring how those processes can be applied throughout the AEC industry.

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I’m not a DroneDeploy customer. Can I join?

You sure can. The sessions are complimentary for existing customers and new friends.

What if I register but can't make it?

It’s all good. You can register for another session at a more convenient time.

Will the session be recorded?

We  record our webinars and make them available to download a week after the live webinar. You just wont be able to ask questions!

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! These sessions are for you. Bring your questions and participate during Q&A.

Live recording of our session which covers:

With Part 107 taking effect, making it dramatically easier for businesses to legally operate drones, many construction companies are beginning to plan and launch their own drone operations. In this webinar, learn from the experience of Brasfield & Gorrie, one of the largest privately-held construction firms in the United States, that saw the potential for drones in construction early, and is well on their way to scaling their drone program.

Hear from Hunter Cole and Russ Gibbs of Brasfield & Gorrie’s Virtual Design and Construction Group as they discuss:

  • How they set up safe, efficient and compliant operations.

  • Best practices for flying construction job site and making great maps and 3D models.

  • Examples of how they have integrated drone mapping with Building Information Modeling (BIM), showcasing specific projects.

Joining Hunter and Russ is our co-founder and head of product Jono Millin, he is passionate about pushing the limits of commercial drones in enterprise applications. He brings a weatlth of knowlege that is invaluable to the Commercial Agricultural Drone space - DroneDeploy enables professional­ grade imagery and analysis, 3D modeling and more from any drone on any device.

Jono Millin


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