DroneDeploy and Skyward Partner Delivering the Complete Enterprise Drone Solution

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The Enterprise Drone Solution
Want to spend more time extracting drone-based insights and less time worrying about regulatory compliance? Are compliance concerns holding you back from ramping up drone operations? If so, then keep reading...

The DroneDeploy and Skyward partnership will enable companies of all sizes and across all industries to have seamless access to their DroneDeploy flight plans and logs within Skyward’s operations management platform, enabling increased business efficiency and streamlined regulatory compliance. Now you can stop entering tedius drone flight log information by hand and reduce the risk associated with human error during manual data entry.

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To kick-off the partnership, both companies are offering discounts: 15% off a Skyward subscription and 10% off a DroneDeploy subscription. For more information on the discount program contact us today.

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